24 January 2015

The 'Perfect' Love Song?

There is no such thing as the perfect love song in it’s absolute entirety…except, maybe, to the one who wrote it. But once it’s unleashed upon the world our natural cut & paste reactions get to work snatching lines here and there to satisfy the internal root map we never cease building from birth to death. The head selects various lyrics of relevance and translates them into recognisable chunks of biographical emotion so the heart can embrace and appoint them as the standard bearers of our own experiences. Memories require a soundtrack and picture show in order to project the correct emotional depth required to transport us immediately back to a particular moment - and it’s this fine art of selective memory building that we adopt when listening to love songs. A storybook of words ready to be manipulated by whichever narratives our requirements happen to conjure up has no interest, usually, in the entire song. So, while the ‘perfect love song’ may not be exactly that to everyone - we still lift bones from it to sketch our own heart-sparks. We are, as is our nature, plundering plagiarists should the need arise. In other words, every love song is perfect for adopting and customising - but not acceptable in the form it’s creator delivers it in. Sunshine for our suburban dystopia indeed!

17 January 2015

Morrissey Announces Six UK Dates In March

The short six date UK tour announced by Morrissey last week will begin at Nottingham FM Arena on 13th March before moving on to Bournemouth, Cardiff, Leeds and Glasgow, finishing at Birmingham on 27th March. Industry rumours insist further dates will be announced in due course..and significant gaps in Morrissey's schedule certainly seem to suggest that possibility (as might the absence of any dates in his Manchester home turf) As yet no further dates have been added and tickets for the six confirmed shows are now on sale....

Morrissey UK 2015

March 13 - Nottingham Capital FM Arena

March 14 - Bournemouth International Centre

March 18 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena

March 20 - Leeds First Direct Arena

March 21 - Glasgow SSE Hydro

March 27 - Birmingham Barclaycard Arena

Further info at http://www.true-to-you.net/