13 September 2014

New Music: Gangs - Back To School EP

Dublin indie-rockers Gangs are set to release their debut EP Back To School on Sept 26th. Taking their musical inspirations from such iconic bands as The Jam, Stone Roses and The Who it's a sound dipped in retro 60's and continuing to the harder hitting 80's mod/rock movement...every inch forged from classic British pop/rock materials. They've only been on the go since 2012 but the momentum built around them is a metaphoric steam engine of force. The 4 track EP includes recent single 'Daisy' alongside 'Young Employment' 'Back To School' and 'Poison In Your Liffey Blood'. The band will launch their EP with a show at Dublin's Academy on Sat 27th Sept. 

12 September 2014

The Black Delta Movement

The Black Delta Movement plunder from genres and sub-genres to create kaleidoscopic hybrids of disjointed power-crunching post punk garage rock with searing guitars, sub-terrestrial bass thrums and occasional swathes of a cinematic electro sleaze underbelly. Developing a sound not only of their own but a reflection of their musical influences. As notable and as firmly embedded in their songs those influences may be the delivering musicianship is peerless. The unflinching backbone of The Black Delta Movement is a slew of raw melodic originality and a handful of personal influences with a nod to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brian Jones Town Massacre and Iggy Pop in equally progressive parts.

Since their formation in 2010 the Hull based four-piece have been consistently hard to ignore, their recent Ghost Dance EP was their fourth release and follows God In Exile (2010) Peach Flavoured Hand Grenade (2011) and Lavender House (2012) Impressive live performances up and down the country earned them support slots with some of music’s bigger names including Shaun Ryder, Steve Cradock, The Moons and Twisted Wheel.

Their armour is a creative hot-streak of songs, among them the jarring bluesy rock number ‘Submariner’ hacking a serrated edge of disorderly dissonance across the thorax of a stomping guitar/drums combo thudding a beat into the heart of the sound. The tempo pushing ‘Sleeping Pills’ is grit-edged rock song with bone rattling fret work and soaring lead vocal stamping, it’s presence as clearly as a black inked footnote might upon the white of paper. And the fuzzy, scratched up garage track ‘Emissary’ is a cool bastard, a slick guitar driven swagger, a riff-laden anthem with a hint of darkness below the eyes and a look of nostalgia about its person.The Black Delta Movement will never be just a passing mention or a casual listen. They will be your conversations and your soundtracks. I promise.